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Pediatric care

It is very important to take good care of babies teeth! If the baby’s teeth are healthy, most likely the permanent teeth will be healthy, too. If baby’s teeth have cavities, bacteria can reach the pulp tissue inside the tooth. Then it travels down through the roots and reaches a permanent tooth that is forming underneath and has not erupted yet. From there, being inside the bone under the baby’s teeth, bacteria can cause an infection and an abscess. Abscess is very acidic, and might hurt the enamel of a permanent and disrupt its forming process. We will educate our children and show them, how to take care of their teeth, brush and floss. There lots of children in our office that have no cavities at all on their check-ups, because they know how important it is, and how to take care of themselves. 
For children that are a little excited about dental treatment, we offer mild oral sedation, and discuss this option with parents and responsible adults.