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We extract babies and permanent teeth, 3rd molars as well, including impacted wisdom teeth. For those patients, that prefer to be sedated for extractions, we offer mild sedation. Please refer to Sedation section. 
We use Nitrous Oxide, local anesthetics and mild oral sedation to make sure our patients are completely numb for this procedure. Our assistants will give you post-op instructions, following which healing process will be easier and faster. In one week, we will invite you for following-up appointment to remove sutures and to make sure that your antibiotics work well and a previous dental infection is gone, if there was one. We will also make sure that a dry socket is not developing, and everything heals well.

Energency care

Sometimes it is a dental emergency, and teeth are hurting! We do extractions, medical prescriptions for existing patients, restore broken teeth. If the tooth needs a root canal treatment, we will refer you to an endodontist or IHS.