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We provide different types of restorative dentistry:
  • fillings,
  • crown and bridges,
  • removable dentures.
If extractions are needed before full dentures, they are done here, in the office.


We provide 2 types of fillings: composites (white) and silver amalgam (silver). For teeth that are visible when smiling, or have just a small cavity, we recommend white fillings. For teeth that have big cavities and are already severely compromised, we recommend to place a silver amalgam filling. Teeth on the back work harder during chewing food, and metal fillings are stronger and typically last longer. However, it is subject to change, and if you prefer white composite fillings, we will do white fillings.


Crowns are recommended:
  • for esthetic reasons (anterior crowns, discoloration, misshaped teeth, etc.),
  • for severely broken teeth (more than 1/2 of a tooth structure is lost, fractures, etc.),
  • for teeth that have RCT (root canal treatment).

Dental studies show that 50% of teeth that had RCT before but the crown was never placed, will be broken again within next 5 years because the tooth with RCT becomes dehydrated and fragile over time. 

If the tooth or a few teeth are missing already, there are 3 options to replace them:
  • Bridges,
  • Implants,
  • Removable dentures (flippers, partial or full dentures).


Bridges are designed to replace one or two missing teeth. Bridges involve cutting next to an empty spot teeth and putting crowns on them to support a fake porcelain or Zirconia tooth in the middle. So, its usually 2, 3, or 4 crowns fused together, with a fake tooth in the middle, and the bridge is hanging on nearby teeth. They fell very natural in the mouth, and often after a while people forget, which tooth was missing. Bridges require care, like everything else, and the best way it is to floss underneath them or use a water pick. 


We do not do implants in our office, and will send you for a consult with an oral surgeon.